Someday in a Galaxy far far away women will be allowed to just …be

21 thoughts on “Someday in a Galaxy far far away women will be allowed to just …be”

  1. On point, as always. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is if “Voyager” and other Outlander books make it to the screen. The leads will be 20 years older, which I am guessing will be fine for Jamie, but betting Claire will take some hits. Especially if they keep the steamy scenes…”A woman over 50 having hot sex?????” Sad.

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      1. Hi Beth, Didn’t know that you had another blog site. So happy I found it! I enjoy your writing and happen to almost always agree with your insight and opinions. I had read about the criticism about Carrie Fisher not aging gracefully prior to reading your blog. I was so happy to see that you had addressed this topic in your blog. I am 60 years old with two granddaughters. After all these years, body image and aging doesn’t seem to have changed very much despite all of the positive role models, articles and inspirational quotes out there. Body and age shaming are alive and well. I pray that my daughters will be able to direct their daughters in the right direction of positive body images, an attitude that they are just as good as a man and that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. Let’s hope for better in 2016

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  2. I was entertained by Star Wars, but it reminded me of Peyton Place. Quite frankly, the story could have moved into more original territory. I am pleased that George Lucas made reference to this, too.

    As for the disparity between how men and women are portrayed by Hollywood, my husband and I had exactly the same discussion you had with yours: it is unrealistic and leaves a huge chunk of valuable contributions out.


  3. Great article! Happens everyday in real life. At 52 I was appalled to hear a male coworker (also 52) say emphatically that women shouldn’t just let themselves go gray because it makes them look so much older. Never mind that he’s gray-headed and beginning to bald! What?!

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  4. I was so disappointed with the new Star Wars film, but I was thrilled to see that Carrie Fisher wasn’t hiding behind all kinds of makeup and was truly a beautiful senior citizen! I thought that she looked terrific and her performance was inspiring. We have discussed the film at length and it has never come up nor have we read reviews concerning her “ageing”. I liked the female character of “Rey” and thought, for the younger women (girls?) she is a pretty good role model. Other than Harrison Ford I found the other male characters lacking in so many ways and felt them “cartoonish”. Mark Hamill showing up in the end with no lines was anticlimactic at best. I remember when we first saw him in “The Empire Strikes Back” and how changed he was because of the accident he had been in. Reviews said that he had “lost his looks”. His character was originally the “hero” character but because he had changed so much (looks wise) they switched the hero status to Harrison Ford. So, though I do agree with you about the older woman status in Hollywood…in society in general…there is male bias as well. In this country we don’t honor ageing which is sad…and we all suffer.

    I strongly hope that if we are so lucky to have Voyager brought to the screen that Claire’s ageing is positively acknowledged. Diana portrays her so beautifully as an older woman…with as much honor and respect given her as any male warrior…and how Jamie adores her in every way…most especially the physical…

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  5. Great article! I’m 48 soon to be 49 my husband is 42. (Yes I married a younger man) neither of us asked about age when we met, didn’t even occur to us to ask it didn’t matter. We found out when filling out the application for or marriage certificate, we had assumed that we were the same age or at least very close to it. (Charlie has salt and pepper hair 5-10″ 180lbs, and my hair is blond with grey 5-9″ 160lbs.) I can’t tell you how many times people (men) have referred to me as his mom! (I gave our description to prove a point.) If our ages were reversed they would high five him.


  6. Thank you Beth. Haven’t been able to get tickets for the movie yet but will.. That said you make points that go beyond the movie and as always say it with care understanding and ‘force’ . So ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to you and a big thank you for another great read. Keep ‘the force’ with you Beth😊

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  7. Been lurking around Outlander Twitter sites for over a year and love your commentary.

    As I make my waxing appointment to rid myself of chin hairs, I think about the extraordinary things that young women in film have to do to stay relevant. They are constantly dieting, purging, cleansing, nipping, tucking, filling…. The surgeries alone to create the generic face and body are daunting. And then, there are no guarantees that they’ll get the role. So they go through all that pain for naught! Only to be replaced by the next it girl.

    I am glad that you and Terry keep bringing up these truths. I hope that change will not be so glacial. Thank you for your voice.

    Staten Island Sharon

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  8. I’m 62 and just came out on the high-side of a heartbreaking divorce due to his online affair. The affair has crashed and burned several times, but knowing that he kept leaving me for a 10 year younger foreigner didn’t help my own self-esteem. The one thing that cut me the hardest were the comments of my own BFs attempting to console me with words of superficiality…”Don’t worry, you are ‘still a beautiful woman’…You still have ‘time to find happiness’ with another man. WTH!??! Last time I looked, MY INNER SELF WAS DRIVING THIS CAR, not the hesitancy of someone else’s foot.
    “You all can go to Hell but I shall go to Texas.”- Davy Crocket (&Me)

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  9. I did not know you had another blog…now I know what I’m doing today!! LoL
    You always have an amazing insight and ability to say what you mean in a wonderful way.
    I thought what happened to Carrie was disgusting, but sadly it wasn’t unexpected. That’s the way the world works. I hope there’s an answer and a change to come because it is ridiculous the way women are treated. We just can’t win. You’re supposed to be natural but glamorous. Love who you are but only if you fit the ideal image. Be who or what you want as long as it’s what you’re “supposed” to do. If you’re big you need to lose weight. If you’re skinny you need to eat. It’s ridiculous. The double standards and backhanded compliments are everywhere, so what do you do? No wonder the young girls have issues. I’m 32 and even I get blindsided sometimes. My favorite is when people tell me how young I look and how much I’ll appreciate that as I get older, like not looking your age is what you should hope for. I’m also skinny and have to constantly defend myself from those who can’t believe I eat as much as I do because it’s not possible apparently. I try to teach my nieces to love themselves for who they are but for every positive they get 10 negatives. It’s an uphill battle.

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    1. Yes. I have six granddaughters and I worry do for them. Thanks for reading. I don’t put stuff in here regularly. Needed a place to write about things other than Outlsnder


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