Letting kids struggle…it’s a good thing

3 thoughts on “Letting kids struggle…it’s a good thing”

  1. Interesting article and a timely one that explores possible reasons why the current generation growing up is likely to have huge problems when they grow up and have to deal with reality. This article also deals with issue: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-learn/201509/declining-student-resilience-serious-problem-colleges. Life is tough and kids need to learn this otherwise they simply won’t be able to cope when things go wrong. And getting a gun and blasting people away is NOT the answer

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  2. I found this blog from your outlander blog. This is everything I have been thinking and saying for the last year.

    The need for ‘safe’ spaces and constant PC discussion has to be a direct result of children not learning how to handle adversity. I think even the anti bullying campaigns and everyone gets a trophy attitude contribute to children never learning to navigate difficult situations. They don’t grow and evolve. We ‘fix’ the problem for them.

    My friend was telling me how she is at times made to feel like a bad parent from others because she doesn’t helicopter parent. It’s a strange world.

    I also agree natural consequences are the best lessons. Love your insight and intelligent musings!

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